The Three 'B' Tree NurseryThis partnership has been family owned and operated since 1990 by the Brown Family and has two locations with more than thirty-five acres of real Christmas trees for your selection. Bring your entire family! What better family experience is there than cutting down a real tree and bringing it home to decorate!

Our Exclusive Features

  • Eight species of trees are available.
  • You choose and cut or buy a pre-cut.
  • Two locations - Jordan and Norfolk.
  • Designer, plain, traditional, and custom-made wreaths.
  • Fresh popcorn, hot chocolate, and coffee.
  • We shake and bale (wrap) all trees free of charge.
  • Restroom available.
  • "Stand Strait" tree stands, and "Stand Strait" drilling of trees.
  • Three ponds are designated Wildlife Habitat areas.
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Our Mission

Our main goals include quality production, preservation, education, and customer satisfaction. We grow quality Christmas trees, produce quality wreaths and novelties, satisfy a diverse customer population, preserve the land and waterways, and educate the public about the tree industry and nature in general. We feel it is important to expand public awareness of the importance of Christmas traditions and the part the real live Christmas tree plays.

Our Vision

We are a family operated business, established in Norfolk, NY in 1990 and expanded to Jordan, NY in 2004. We have approximately 49 acres of a variety of Christmas trees. As a family, we are dedicated to providing quality products. We are members of the CTFANY (Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY), Pride of New York, Farm Bureau, and Jordan-Elbridge Chamber of Commerce. For each tree sold on our property, we plant two or more to replace it and to preserve a quality product that is sold by tree farmers in the USA.

Our trees are hand planted, hand sheared, protected and fresh cut to afford the best quality product we can.

We focus on the Christmas experience, allowing families the opportunity to carry on an age old American tradition- that is choosing their own "special" live tree to celebrate the "togetherness", warmth, giving, and sharing feelings of the season.

All of our products are recyclable and the raw materials we use to produce our wreaths and novelties do not harm the natural environment of the forest. They actually rejuvenate the woods as well as provide an improved habitat for the wild animals.

In The Community

Jordan-Elbridge Third Grade Project Each year the third grade classes from Jordan-Elbridge Elementary School come and each student plants a Christmas tree. By the time they are juniors in high school the trees will be harvested and the profit from sales will go to the class for scholarship money. This is just one way we help out the local community by educating our youth about the real tree industry.
Planting Trees Planting Trees
Learning Planting Trees